Welcome to Nature People CIC

Latest news: We are now a Community Interest Company or CIC!

We have set up as a CIC, principally so that we can take on responsibility for managing areas of countryside or urban greenspace by buying or leasing it. We now also have the ability to apply for a wider range of grants and to employ people.

Our Objects are:  “To engage people through a consensus approach to care for and enjoy the countryside and urban greenspaces in ways that have mutual benefits for both people and nature.”

This is our Charter for Land Management:

We believe the best way of protecting nature is by engaging people with it and the best thing for people is to engage more with nature, as the two are inseparable.

  • We put people at the centre of our land management decisions and manage by consensus agreement wherever possible
  • We seek to provide opportunities for everyone to engage with, access and enjoy an area’s special qualities
  • We are relentlessly positive in our approach and focus on what people can do to help the planet and themselves
  • We minimise negative impacts on the planet and maximise our positive impacts, in pursuit of a net positive carbon contribution
  • We value all people equally and will go the extra mile to reach out to urban and other under-represented communities
  • We also value all wildlife equally; whether common or rare, predator or prey, native or non-native, popular or hated
  • We seek to re-wild wherever practicable and follow a minimalist approach: where nothing which is not necessary need be done and what needs to be done can be done in stages
  • We manage all aspects of a landscape in an integrated way to enhance access, visual landscape quality, cultural heritage and economy in ways that are compatible with its natural beauty
  • We seek to work at a landscape scale and work in partnership with others in pursuit of our aims.

In addition to land management, we are still offering consultancy services:

We specialise in resolving conflicts of opinion about our precious countryside by consenus: engaging the public and building successful partnerships.  With over 25 years’ experience in the countryside sector, we have a wide range of skills and experience to offer:

  • consensus building
  • public engagement processes
  • project and grant funding bid development (especially National Lottery Heritage Fund)
  • site management planning and delivery
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • interpretation planning and delivery
  • partnership development
  • practical conservation work, such s dry stone walling
  • woodland management, bushcraft skills, woodland crafts
  • working with volunteers
  • training courses in consensus building and stakeholder engagement

If you have any project ideas you would like to explore or need some support or training, please get in touch for free initial advice.

If you wish to find out more or invite us to tender, please contact us.

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